VoicePlay – Mission: Jingle Bells




New for 2023!   This is a short, fun, unique sequence featuring the acapella group VoicePlay with a mashup of the traditional Jingle Bells w/ the Mission Impossible Theme Song.   Will the Jingle Bell group be able to escape from the bad Santa?  Who knows!

Updated 2023 LOE Basics Holiday Layout included.   If you see additional effects you would like on the “Lights On Ekman” preview below, shoot a note to [email protected] and we will send you the LOE Advanced Layout.

3 Lyrics tracks for the evil santa, and the other acapella singers included!

Preview Here:

2023 Lights on Ekman Version Here:


  • Layer Blending: ON
  • The random snowflakes and other effects to the mission impossible theme need to be copied at the model level to your props.   They don’t have to be copied to any groups, but instead to random snowflakes or other props to bounce.
  • HD Props:  GE MegaSpinner, Dazzler, Rosa Grande, Fuzion; Boscoyo Ice Princess

This music is not commercially available for purchase, but can be used for personal use via YouTube link here.  Sequence includes audio file for personal use only.


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