LOE Sequences 2023 Halloween Medley


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Published 9/30/2022 – Updated 02/19/2023

This is an epic Halloween Custom Mix. Clocking in at over 5 minutes, this sequence is purpose built for your Halloween audience.

Songs include:

  • Stranger Things Theme
  • Tiny Caskets (with Scary Girl overlay by Lara Sluyter @ LARA’S HORROR SOUNDS)
  • Thriller w/ Vincent Price (the one and only)
  • The Halloween Theme Song
  • Pyscho Theme Song
  • Tubular Bells (Exorcist)
  • Saw (The Movie) Theme Song
  • and of course…. a little bit of Freddy Krueger

Worried about doing the mapping yourself?  Want to save time and effort?  Check out our custom mapping service here.  What better way to make this one pop on your display?

Remember, with every sequence you get both the LOE Basics Edition and the LOE Sequences Advanced Edition included at no cost!

Check out the LOE Basics Version of LOE Sequences Halloween Medley here:

Check out the xLights Preview here:

Check out the live preview from our 2022 show here:


All-in-all the songs will cost you $9.02 to be fully licensed, links below,  When you purchase the sequence it will be available for download immediately.   Please send an email to [email protected] with an attestation that you have purchased the music below, and I will provide the custom mix audio mp3.

Stranger Things Theme ($1.29)
Tiny Caskets ($0.99)
Thriller ($1.29)
Halloween Theme ($0.99)
Psycho Theme ($0.99)
Tubular Bells (Exorcist) ($1.29)
Saw Theme ($0.99)
Freddy Krueger ($1.29)

Notes about this sequence:

  • Definitely need layer-blending set to on
  • For some all-RGB effects to look right, you will need a separate “All RGB” group at the bottom of your master view. This will map to zzz-Group_01-01_whole_house_RGB_only
  • For the GE Bats “wing movements” to work as you see in the preview, I would suggest grabbing the bat model from our rgbeffects.xml file and importing that to your bats. There are some additional submodels which makes the wing movement look much better than default.
  • For the Spiders, you might want to copy over the submodels as well to get the legs right as I have improved on / added some submodels there as well
  • If you are using GE Flake “B” or “H” there are additional sub-models worth adding as well.  Otherwise, map the submodels on the snowflakes whatever sub-models you have on snowflakes or on other HD props
  • Lastly, for the singing faces, I have added a “resting face” and “resting mouth” sub-model to help make sure that when other effects are playing, they don’t light up the whole mouth of the prop.    Totally optional, but makes things look better!


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