INXS – What You Need (Single)




New for 2023!   Not a traditional Holiday song, right? That’s OK – it is exciting and fits right into your holiday rotation as something new with a throw back to the Gen X crowd with a hit from the 80’s.   Put it in your rotation or just play it between Christmas and New Years!

No all house effects, nothing crazy – map and go!   Updated 2023 LOE Basics Holiday Layout included.   If you see effects you would like on the “Lights On Ekman” preview below, shoot a note to [email protected] and we will send you the LOE Advanced Layout.

Preview Here:

2023 Lights on Ekman Version Here:


  • Layer Blending: ON
  • To make the morph effects on the MegaTree look good at ~1:08 and ~2:38, you may need to edit the effect and change the repeat count to match the total strings on your tree!
  • HD Props:  GE MegaSpinner, Dazzler, Rosa Grande, Fuzion; Boscoyo Ice Princess

Music available from Amazon here.


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