Elf The Musical – Sparkle Jolly Twinkle Jingly




Published 8/9/2022

What is the best Christmas Movie of all time? (Not counting Die Hard of course!) Well… it must be Elf! Elf with Will Ferrell was amazing. Did you know there was also a Broadway Musical? The Broadway Musical had a couple more tunes that didn’t make the final cut in the movie – this is one of them. This is a fun, fast song – a total fan favorite.    This sequence has been run in our display since 2018 and has been totally revamped for 2022 with new props, a new timing track and a significant effect upgrade.

Sequence has been updated with (2) Lyric tracks and singing faces!  Included at no charge.

Worried about mapping our standard display? Don’t fret – with this purchase you will get (2) downloads, one of our normal LOE Sequences Layout, and also an express LOE Basics layout that has been much simplified for mapping purposes. Why both? We want to make sure that our customers are successful with their sequences from LOE Sequences, and this will offer two different ways to experience and map to your display, while showing that our sequences look great on any size house!

Worried about doing the mapping yourself?  Want to save time and effort?  Check out our custom mapping service here.  What better way to make this one pop on your display?

Check out the sequence preview here:

Here is the Standard LOE Sequences Preview:

Here is the LOE Basics Edition Preview:

Here is a LIVE 2022 recording of Sparkle Jolly Twinkle Jingley!

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