Electric Six – “You’re A Mean One, Mr. Grinch”

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You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch is an all time favorite and stand-in holiday classic.   There are many versions of this song and it is almost always clearly a winner with the crowd.

This version – from Electic Six brings an eclectic rock vibe and voice to this holiday classic.   When I was scouring for the “best version” years ago – this was the winner.

HOW MANY CHRISTMAS SEQUENCES HAVE ALLIGATORS, SPIDRERS and POOP EMOJIS?  Only this one AFAIK.  Do you like hearing little kids laugh when watching your show?   Then get this one!  (I am not going to mention what the nasty wasty skunk does!)

LOE Basic Preview

LOE Advanced – LIVE version from LightsOnEkman


  • Layer Blending On!
  • You need an “All RGB” group at the bottom of your groups in your master view for some of the effects to work right.  This would map to the “zzz-All-RGB-Group” group. which if sorted alphabetically will be right where it needs to be
  • The ALL-RGB liquid effect at the end may take a long time to render, it is possible to reduce the “Size” of the liquid effect to decrease render time, but the higher the better for the arsenic sauce effect!  Play with it to see what works best for you
  • It is very likely depending on the size of your matrix and megatrees that you may get best effect by modifying the scale of the various images on those models to best fit your props
  • For best effect, change the XY coordinates of the shockwaves at 1:51 on the All_RGB_Group to center on the stinky sock on the matrix
  • For best effect, change the XY coordinates of the shockwaves at 2:01 on the zzz_All_RGB_Group on “Stink, Stank, Stunk” to center on your main matrix with the words
  • If you’d like a copy of the LOE Advanced Layout (as seen in live video above; please contact [email protected] after purchase and it will be provided!


According to the label for Electric Six, the music for this sequence is not commercially available for purchase.  Personal use audio from YouTube would be available here.  Sequence package includes shortened audio from that link.


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