Dean Lewis – How Do I Say Goodbye




The holidays are often bright and full of joy, but there is also sometimes a recent loss, or memories of loss that affect many of us every year. This sequence was custom created specifically in the memory of one of our customers loved ones. I am not going to lie, as I listened to this song (over and over) it got to me also as I thought about friends, loved ones, and the loss of those around us over time. Dean Lewis wrote this song when he found out his father had been diagnosed with cancer. It is touching, it is moving. My goal sequencing this song is to bring some brightness and joyful memories to those who are currently or have experienced loss through the combination of the music with the dancing of the lights.

Happy Holidays everyone.

LOE Basic Layout Preview:

Lights On Ekman Live Mapping Preview:

This live video preview was made with a mapping from the LOE Basic Layout with no modifications for the home layout for purposes of this video to demonstrate the ease of mapping our sequences. If you would like a copy of the final LOE Advanced Layout (As seen in video) please contact [email protected]


  • Layer Blending On!
  • You will need xLights 2023.13 or later to take advantage of HIghlight Vibrant render style
  • The “CloudEleven” Shader at the beginning of the song and then again at 1:18 and 2:07 on the whole house RGB group focuses on a “sun” with the sky / clouds swirling around / towards it.  You may desire to change the X/Y location of this shader to position the sun over a dense area of pixels on your display to help drive home the feeling and purpose for use of this shader.
  • There are whole house and mega tree meteor effects at 1:44 and 2:32 that will render differently depending on the size and style of your display.   You can edit / modify the speed, the warm up and potential the buffer size of each effect to balance the up / down meteor interaction to your satisfaction. I expect each layout may require tweaking of these settings for optimal viewing experience!

Music available for purchase from Amazon Music here.


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