Beach Boys – Little Saint Nick




Beach Boys – Little Saint Nick – LOE Sequences Release Date: 07/30/2022

Classic Christmas from the Beach!

This one is a short, but sweet, classic. Combining the themes of the beach with a classic christmas tone, check it out! Will look great on any display, small or large.  This sequence gives you a break from the normal red/green/white of most Christmas songs by including the beach tones – even including Santa in a bikini!

Two Lyric / Singing Tracks have been added to this sequence and are included in the price, but not pictured in vidoes below! **

Worried about mapping our standard display?   Don’t fret – with this purchase you will get (2) downloads, one of our normal LOE Sequences Layout, and also an express LOE Basics layout that has been much simplified for mapping purposes.  Why both?  We want to make sure that our customers are successful with their sequences from LOE Sequences, and this will offer two different ways to experience and map to your display, while showing that our sequences look great on any size house!

Worried about doing the mapping yourself?  Want to save time and effort?  Check out our custom mapping service here.  What better way to make this one pop on your display?

A couple of notes about this sequence for some of the effects to work:

You need a group that has all of your RGB props in it, and that group needs to be at the bottom of the master view underneath all of your RGB objects and groups. This is important for rendering order of a few cool effects. You will map zzz-Group01_whole_house_RGB_Only to this group.

At about the one minute mark, there are searchlights waving across the entire RGB landscape. You will notice in the video, that the middle searchlight originates from the spinning disk in the mega tree. If you want to recreate this effect, you will need to adjust the buffer of the spiral effect either left or right so you get the center spiral directly in the center of your tree, and then up and down to level the y coordinates.

LOE Sequences Preview:

LOE Basics Edition Layout Preview:

What does this one look like on a real house? This is the @LightsOnEkman 2021 Holiday display with Little Saint Nick. The sequence has been SIGNIFICANTLY modified and updated from 2021, but you get the feel from this video!



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