Basshunter – Jingle Bell Bass




Published 8/16/2022

Jingle Bells may be the most staple of Christmas songs of all Christmas songs.   But what happens when you put a Swedish EDM / Trance / Dance Club beat to it?  Something wild.

This is a great track to put into your show to wake up the crowd and get the heart pumping!

Sequence Notes:

  • Lyric Track included
  • “All house RGB” group needs to be in the master view above everything else
  • Allow layer blending for sure!

Worried about mapping our standard display? Don’t fret – with this purchase you will get (2) downloads, one of our normal LOE Sequences Layout, and also an express LOE Basics layout that has been much simplified for mapping purposes. Why both? We want to make sure that our customers are successful with their sequences from LOE Sequences, and this will offer two different ways to experience and map to your display, while showing that our sequences look great on any size house!

Worried about doing the mapping yourself?  Want to save time and effort?  Check out our custom mapping service here.  What better way to make this one pop on your display?

Here is our preview for LOE Sequences Basshunter – Jingle Bell Bass – 2022:

Here is the LOE Basics Layout Mapping:


Here is a video of Basshunter – Jingle Bell Bass recording from 2021’s show at @LightsOnEkman of a shorter version of the sequence:


Purchase mp3 for Basshunter Jingle Bell Bass from here


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