About LOE Sequences

LOE Sequences exists to help the xLights community light up their displays with extraordinary sequences. LOE Sequences was born from the “@LightsOnEkman” holiday display in Batavia IL. Brett Foy began sequencing to xLights in 2018 and has created over 20 sequences, each seemingly better than the last. Many of Brett’s sequences are featured on other sequence vendor websites and have had high sales volumes and many accolades. In 2022, Brett plans to create 5-7 new sequences for both the Christmas Holidays and Halloween, and decided that it would make sense to offer his sequences for sale directly. The LOE Sequences brand is based not on the name of the Brett’s light show, but more so on the level of effort, the attention to detail, and the quality of the sequences that we provide. A significant effort is put into every sequence; from the timing tracks, to the mega trees and matrices, to the STORY that the song is trying to tell. It will be infrequent that a sequence from LOE sequences is just dancing lights. There is always a meaning to the sequencing of the lights, partnering with the song and the singer to evoke as much emotion and excitement as possible. Our sequences are unique in not only the quality and the time investment in each, but also in our philosophy on light shows. Small shows are great. Large shows are great. Shows with lots of high-density props are great. Our goal is to use the house and your layout as a canvas, and to make it as bright and colorful as possible without being obnoxious or overwhelming. We do NOT focus on high-density props. We do not focus on what some may consider to be an over-whelming centralized¬† lacement of thousands of pixels in a few small props (trees and matrices not withstanding!) There is nothing wrong with this, we just have a different style. That being said, there is no reason why LOE Sequences’ sequences can’t be used on displays with HD props – there are so many elements in our sequences, that mapping to HD prop sub-models should be a peice of cake! We appreciate you taking the time to visit our site and hope you agree that our sequences are differentiated and that you try one on your display this year! Thank you!