About LightsOnEkman

LIghtsOnEkman is Brett Foy’s personal show in Batavia IL. We have had lighting displays in 2018, 2020 (three shows!) and 2021 with our biggest show ever planned for Halloween and Christmas in 2022.

You could say that the light show and all aspects of it have become a passion and more than a hobby for Brett and LightsOnEkman exists simply for the purpose of making people happy.

LightsOnEkman features many purchased and custom made props, a mix of AC and Pixel lighting, and many sequences created by Brett Foy, but also many sequences by other vendors which are quite awesome and totally kick butt.

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Videos from LightsOnEkman’s display (Including other vendors sequences – they are good, buy them also) are here: https://vimeo.com/user83620908