LOE Sequences is proud to announce the launch of our custom sequence design service.

Have a special song that you can’t find a sequence for? Don’t have time or skill to make your own sequences to your satisfaction? Or maybe you can’t find an version of a popular song that you love?

Would you like to have a sequence designed FOR YOUR layout?

LOE Sequences is now offering a custom sequencing option!

  • You pick the song
  • Sequence will be done on YOUR layout directly to your props
  • Pricing is not one-size-fits-all
    • Song length
    • Display Complexity
    • Exclusive vs. Non-Exclusive

Now is the perfect time to start thinking about the songs you want for your 2023 display. Reach out to LOE Sequences and we can work with you to review your needs and provide a custom quote!

For pricing inquiries, please contact us at [email protected] and include

  • What song you would like sequenced
  • Copy of your rgbeffects.xml and network.xml files
  • Any additional preferences or requests related to the finished sequence

We will review and get in touch with questions and/or pricing, establish a date for delivery and get to sequencing YOUR song on YOUR display!

Our most recent custom sequence, developed for Max Jago’s 6,000 viewer “one night event” in Tasmania!

Scary Christmas by Hedegaard

Sequenced December 2022

Iā€™m impressed by the timing tracks šŸ‘Œ so much easier to sequence pyro when you have good timings.

Max Jago

Here is the full sequence as prepared for and delivered for Max’ display: