Since launching LOE Sequences earlier this year, we have gotten a lot of great feedback from you, our customers and followers, about our sequences. An often repeated them is that our sequences look great, but… they are so rich with elements, scale, and props – many people wonder how they could possibly map our sequences to their layouts?

LOE Sequences does have over 400 props, hundreds of groups and submodel groups, and a unique combination of matrices, custom props, AC lighting, and other items. Many of the people in our community don’t need all of that.

If you have liked our sequences, but felt daunted by the potential mapping process, then we have a new approach for you!

We are working quickly to provide, with every purchase, two sets of downloads:

Download 1: This package will continue to be the overall LOE Sequences display as originally developed and as can be seen on @LightsOnEkman (

Download 2: This package will be a simplified package called “LOE Basic”. This will be a considerably slimmed down, and more simplified display with all of the same critical elements, but built with and focused on ease of mapping to smaller shows that don’t need the complexity or scale that comes with the regular LOE Sequences download.

Over the next few weeks, all of our sequences will be updated to include both the LOE Sequences and LOE Basic layouts and downloads. If you already have purchased an LOE Sequence and would like a copy of the LOE Basic layout, please contact us and request a copy at [email protected]

There is no extra charge and no “fees” for this, as stated in our mission statement: our goal is to help you achieve the best display possible, and our quality sequences should help you do that. We want to make the process easy for you!

Here is what the LOE Basics Layout looks like vs. the LOE Sequences Layout: