The LOE Sequences 2022 holiday layout consists of a combination of different kind of props:

  • Purchased GE coro props
  • Custom home-made props
  • Custom Matrixes
  • Converted AC props
  • AC Lighting

The LOE Sequences show (@LightsOnEkman) mixes all of these pixel elements with traditional lighting to create an effect is differentiated from many light shows.

The focus of LOE Sequences displays and sequences created for the display is to tell a story that goes along with the music, and hopefully to just avoid crazy flashing lights. To that end, I have looked to expand my show with quantity of props and distribution of light across the entire yard while not focusing heavily on an overwhelming number of HD props.

Don’t get me wrong, HD props are super cool, and when sequences correctly with sub-models they can look amazing. That being said, if you have 10 or more HD props all sequenced amazingly well, how is the viewer going to appreciate that?

Throughout my display and my sequences, my goal is to capture viewer attention with specific details in different parts of the display while using the rest of the lights as a backdrop or a canvas.

For example, even though there are 7 matrices on the house itself, they are almost always just used for background effect, light twinkles, infrequent whole house surface effects, to fill in dark spots, or at other times to significantly contribute to the story.

Your display may be very large and full of HD Props. Your display may be large and filled with traditional props. You might be just converting from AC to pixels. You might be doing your first year and have a few props. My goal is for your display to look amazing with LOE sequences.

My suggestion is to:

  • Focus on the megatrees
  • Focus on the main Matrix (left and right)
  • Leverage anything that is single strand effect to map to sub-models of HD props if you have HD props that I don’t

The music and the colors are the magic, and how you map will help you tell your own version of the story.