You are going to spend a lot of time and money on your show. Wouldn’t it be great to have sequences worth your hard work? The Level of Effort that goes into every sequence to get it “just right” is huge. Every LOE Sequence is created over the course of 100-200 hours of focused effort in order to produce some of the best sequences around.

Our goal is to help you have the most awesome light show possible. Quality over quantity, right? We are excited to see our creations on your displays!

November Special!

It’s almost Black Friday!  All sequences are $25, no limit, through 11/30.   No limits or Coupon Codes Required!


Dean Lewis - How Do I Say Goodbye

This sequence is intended to bring brightness and joy to those suffering from loss.  It is on sale now for $20, but if you are touched by this sequence and it means something special and personal to you, use coupon code “Peace” at checkout, and it will be free.  We just ask that you pay it forward somehow.

Check out the product details here.   Happy Holidays from LOE Sequences.

INXS - What You Need

Who doesn’t want a 80’s hit for all of the Gen X viewers in your show?  Our latest drop is available now and on sale for $20.  No Coupon Code required, click here to see the details!

VoicePlay: Mission Jingle

Check out this new Holiday Classic w/ a Missionm Impossible theme.  Quick and fun sequence to add to your holiday light show!  Our latest drop is available now and on sale for $20.  No Coupon Code required, click here to see the details!

Hillsong United: So Will I (100 Billion X)

Every holiday light display (probably) needs to slow down from the rock and roll, EDM, dance trap music and remember the meaning for the season, right? This is not necessarily a Christmas song, but yeah, well, you will get the point!

Check it out here!


We can help map LOE Sequences to your Display - check out our Custom Mapping Service!

Need extra time to get other stuff done for your show? In love with a sequence but concerned about the mapping, or just want it done for you? Check out our new LOE Sequences Custom Mapping Service. Read the blog post below and add a custom mapping sequence to your next order to try it out!

Custom Sequences! A sequence designed just for you and your layout!

We are at capacity for 2023, but if you have songs you’d like for next year .. now’s the time to make a booking!

Is there a song that you are in love with but you can’t find it, or you can’t find one that you love?   LOE Sequences is taking projects for new custom sequence designs.   Check out the blog post below for more information and reach out to [email protected] with any questions or to get a price quote!

What is LOE Basics?

What is LOE Basics?

Since launching LOE Sequences earlier this year, we have gotten a lot of great feedback from you, our customers and followers, about our sequences. An often repeated them is that our sequences look great, but... they are so rich with elements, scale, and props - many...

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